Projects / Residential

Client: Abbey Scotland Ltd

The completed works are formed by the refurbishment, alteration and extension to Prospect House, Glasgow’s former deaf and dumb children’s institute.

The Ruskinian Gothic grade 'B' listed building was abandoned by education and left for ruin.  It now houses 42 new apartments, 9 of which form a new storey that has been grafted onto the rear elevation. Stone, timber, glass and lead elements have been used to repair the old disjointed stone façade.

The building’s interior was altered and reduced in scale for modern living.  Demolitions of key elements have made way for 2 linked, hidden courtyards which function exclusively as amenity space.

2 new blocks, providing another 23 apartments, face onto the re-configured rear elevation. These buildings use large indented and extruded planes in stone, render, naturally weathered timber and glass, in an attempt to address the material / scale of the existing building.

Chroma Apartments, Glasgow