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We wholly support the ideals of BIM because we understand that embracing its objectives will deliver an efficient, coordinated and well-designed project, giving rise to greater cost efficiency throughout the design, construction and life cycle phases of the project.

BIM embodies new technology and a new philosophy of working. Traditional workflows are replaced with all parties now sharing and working within a co-ordinated and common information pool, therefore improving the quality of delivered products through efficient communication within the design and construction process.

BIM changes the traditional process by making the model the primary tool for the whole project. This ensures that all the designers, contractors and sub-contractors maintain a common platform for design. IDP has recognised that a typical 2D Autodesk production approach will not meet the deliverable requirements expected by the construction industry and its constituent sectors, public and private, in the future. We are embracing a fully integrated digital design and production document delivery approach, with the use of single co-ordinated 3D models throughout the design and construction stages of the project.

Software at the forefront of building modelling technology is essential to the design process within the BIM environment. IDP use modelling software Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Architecture, and accept most file formats enabling us to fully integrate ourselves with our fellow professionals; this also provides object interoperability in accordance with industry standard BIM guidance and protocols.